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Why TeleSwap?


TeleSwap is built on top of TeleportDAO, the most secure and decentralized interoperability protocol.


TeleSwap introduces the Teleportation mechanism to enable instant cross-chain settlements


Transfer and exchange assets between chains with just one click.

Teleport Your Assets

Teleport Your Assets

Transfer your tokens from one blockchain to another, or exchange them between chains.

Fully controlled by smart contracts, no third-party is here!
Simple as transferring or exchanging tokens on a single chain.
Access DEXs of other blockchains to swap your tokens.

Instant Settlement

Bitcoin's speed is slow. With TeleSwap's Teleportation mechanism, instantly move or exchange assets from Bitcoin.

Instantly receive your assets on the desired chain by locking collateral.
Get your collateral back after the settlement is completed.
Don't have collateral? you can still perform cross-chain settlements at a normal speed.
Instant Settlement
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